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A4Tech iCHAT headset HS-6 3.5mm, Built-in microphone
Delivery: 2 – 5 Tööpäeva jooksul
Mudel: A4Tech


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cable length 6.5foot
connectivity: Jack plug: OD3.5mm stereo
frequency range: 20Hz - 20KHz
impedance: 32 ohm
sensitivity: 97dB/10mW/3mm
special features * Volume and Microphone Switch In-Line---Quick Access to Headset Volume Control and Microphone; * Easy Adjustable Headband Ensures Optimum Fit and Comfort; * Earphone Hook Included---Convenient and practical for you to hang your headset up when you do not use it.
Type: iChat Headset
Kategooriad: Lisaseadmed, Kõrvaklapid
Kategooriad: Lisaseadmed, Kõrvaklapid

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